The Treatment Room is a collaboration between Botany and Honest Skincare, we offer a collection of treatments that combine holistic therapy techniques, massage and Honest's natural skincare to restore harmony to the skin and leave you in a energised state of mind.

You can book your treatment using the online form below, by calling us on 020 3759 8191 during opening hours or by popping into the shop


honest SIGNATURE facial treatment £75 - 70 mins

A bespoke Honest treatment that begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a soothing lymphatic massage and mask to draw out impurities. The treatment incorporates a head, neck and back massage to balance and re-energise, while finishing with a hydrating treatment to protect, restore and nourish your skin. Each treatment is tailored to your skin type using our Calming, Balancing and Nourishing skincare ranges.

CALMING / Using specially developed products for sensitive skin, this facial is effective at re-conditioning and bringing about a natural harmony to sensitive skin.

BALANCING / This facial settles skin prone to breakouts by allowing it to rebalance it's natural sebum level. This gentle but very effective process works to restore harmony and clarity in the complexion.

NOURISHING / This facial will feed the skin with organic food, rehydrating the layers of the epidermis and shield it against external damage, helping to keep the skin healthy.


A facial treatment for all skin types incorporating a head, neck and back massage to de-stress and target key concerns. Bearded or un-bearded we don't discriminate, the treatment begins with a deep charcoal cleanse and is followed by a relaxing facial massage and hydrating treatment. This relaxing treatment aims to restore the body and nourish the skin (and beard!).


A relaxing treatment to remove dry and dead skin leaving your skin rehydrated and glowing. A full body brush is followed by a natural exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin and boost circulation. This is followed with soothing massage using purifying oil focusing on the legs or back.