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A couple of Sundays ago we held our Wild Flower Workshop, wanting to do something a little different we discovered a beautiful walk from Stratford to Homerton that had recently became a source of inspiration for us. Beginning at the Olympic village we took participants on a walk through the wild flower meadows in Stratford and along the stuffed hedgerows of the canal, to identify wild flowers and to draw inspiration from how the flowers grew in nature. Photographer and friend of Botany, Anna Jacobson (@weareherenow) joined us with her camera to document the morning.

The walk ended back at the shop which as filled with a huge selection of wild flowers we'd picked up from the flower market, many of which we spotted on the walk. After a quick demonstration of the best ways to make loose natural bouquets everyone was let loose to create their own wild and untamed bunches inspired from the morning walk and guided by Botany.

Botany wild flowers69.jpg