Lucy Auge 'Tree Shadows' Exhibition Launch at Botany

We're fortunate to work with some very special people at Botany, two years ago we met Lucy Auge, an artist based in Bath, when she exhibited her work '150 Flowers' at the shop. Since then she's shown her work in Japan and America, done beautiful collaborations with Esme Winter and Forest + Found and been featured in the Observer, the Times and Vogue. So we're glad she's back to show her new collection of artwork Tree Shadows at Botany until March.

Tree Shadows by Lucy Auge is based on the silhouettes falling through her studio window from the trees outside. Her studio looks out onto ash, walnut and silver birch trees, the surrounding field is bordered by hazel - these trees have been the focus for her latest paintings.  


We hosted Lucy's exhibition launch of Tree Shadows on Friday the 19th January and decided to celebrate her work with a relaxed afternoon tea party, plenty of cakes, plenty of art and plenty of joy. Tree Shadows is running until mid March, so there is still time to come and see it at the shop!

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Lucy Auge is an artist based in Bath. Painting with ink using a Chinese fat brush, Lucy’s style is influenced by the bold strokes and minimal colour palette of Asia. All art works are for sale, please email for prices.

For further information about the artist:

All photography by Anna Jacobson @weareherenow

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