Home or Office Starter Plant Boxes


Home or Office Starter Plant Boxes

from 50.00

Check out our super green plant selection boxes! Perfect for those who want to add A LOT of greenery to their home or office. We've selected our favourite and easiest plants to look after to help you create your own mini indoor garden!

There are 4 different size boxes containing a range of small, medium or large plants including succulents, String of Hearts, Sanseveria, Ferns, Calathea, Ficus, Aspidistra, Spider Plants and anything we have in the shop that we think you’d like!

Small box: 4 small plants + 3 medium plants
Medium box (pictured): 5 small plants + 5 medium plants
Large box: 5 small plants + 5 medium Plants + 1 large plant
XL box (London only): A unique combination of plants and sizes, please email for specificities.

*Please note the selection may differ from the images and is dependant on our selection in store.

Small plants: 5-8cm diameter
Medium plants: 12 - 14cm diameter
Large plants: 17 - 19cm diameter

All plants are potted in plastic pots (as pictured)

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